Understanding E-Commerce

Amazon is one of the best thing's that's ever happened to consumers. But if you're trying to sell - that's a different story. Selling on Amazon is rife with competition, which means major manufacturers often watch their brand get diluted day after day, sometimes leading to companies ending their relationship with the e-retail titan. 

For those looking to sell more on-line and in brick and mortar, pay close attention to a few key lessons learned from the trenches:

  • Price on Amazon impacts price everywhere
  • Small sellers can lead the price down and Amazon will follow
  • More sellers equals a lower selling price and less sales
  • Sellers are capturing your margin
  • Sellers are not always shipping genuine or new product and can hurt your company and brand


Why Selling on Amazon Could be Challenging

The third party marketplace makes it so that anyone could sell a product - and that seller could very well be selling fraudulent products, or stolen products, at super low prices - and these prices impact prices of the product everywhere. Small sellers can lead the price down and Amazon will follow, which then takes away from your sales.  These sellers are capturing your margin and diluting your brand's integrity! 


Potoo to the Rescue

Potoo’s proprietary software and analytics allow clients to reach consumers and sell directly to them online. We provide a verifiable template that increases market share and maximizes profits while also getting rid of unauthorized sellers, counterfeiters and others who dilute a company’s brand and storefront on Amazon.
Potoo: Tracks & removes unauthorized sellers, Drives sales and profit using proprietary data, Optimizes brand image and price